Awardee Code of Conduct
Awardee Code of Conduct

Awardee Code of Conduct

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We recognise that you give up your time to help and support others and we believe that should be respected and celebrated, it is why we created the Spotlight Awards programme.
It’s right we tell you what we expect from awardees and set out how the way you behave is important to protect the reputation and integrity of fellow awardees and the programme itself. This isn’t an exhaustive list which spells out each and every do and don’t. It is more a guidance document which sets out our expectations and gives you an insight into the type of problematic areas we’d be forced to address any breach of. When we make the award to you, we grant you use of the award imagery, digital badge, our award logos and an awardee profile on our website. Serious breaches of this code of conduct could result in your permission to use our logo, award imagery, personal profile and the award itself being revoked.
All awardees agree to this code of conduct and their agreement is required to announce the award, issue the digital badge and certificate and set up the awardee profile.
As an award holder (awardee) you agree:
  • To be a role model for the Spotlight Award programme and treat others as you would wish to be treated,
  • To be fair in your dealings with others and treat others with the utmost respect and consideration they deserve,
  • To be truthful and honest and behave professionally and with dignity,
  • To respect health and safety and data protection regulations, ensuring all information you are entrusted with is kept secure and isn’t shared without explicit permission,
  • Not to treat others differently due to their sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, disability, socio-economic background or status, age, marriage and civil partnership or pregnancy and maternity,
  • To be courteous and professional with others in writing, face to face, online etc,
  • To report any perceived conflicts of interest as soon as you become aware of them. We would rather awardees speak to us as early as possible and we can work together to find a solution,
  • Not to bully, intimidate, harass or mistreat others under any circumstances,
  • To remember that awardees are intrinsically linked with the Spotlight Award programme and by virtue, all other awardees. The way we each behave reflects on the organisation, the award programme and the other people and organisations who receive an award.
Any awardee with any questions or concerns can contact a member of the team to discuss it. We will always seek to find a solution.